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Hey Everyone,

Writing can be a very difficult journey to take on and one that not many people understand. How hard it can be to stick to like any beginning hobby and to not give up in the long run when times get frustrating. However, with perseverance and a little belief anything can be possible and here is some advice from a once newbie writer to a girl whose book is soon to be published!

Try Different Genres | Whatever genre you like reading, try it out when writing. However, when it comes to writing it sometimes can not go as planned. Just because we love reading a genre does not mean we will like writing in it. My advice would always be to try out many genres and see what flows best for you as many can give up just at the thought of not writing in their favourite reading genre. Try many before you ever thought of giving up!

Take Your Time | Writing is one long journey and there will be much frustration at how long it can take to finish a book and also when a plot hole hits and you don;t know how to smooth it out. Take your time and don’t let yourself get frustrated as this is where so many people can give up! Take it slow and enjoy the process, no matter how long it takes.

Querying Is A Long Game | If you are already past the phase of finishing a book and are querying, just remember that it can take a long time and many, many rejections later. However, going through all of this will only make you stronger and more determined to achieve your dream of becoming an author. I did not get a publishing deal by giving up after all! All good things take time for a reason.

Resting Is Advantageous | Sometimes I never used to rest when writing. I always felt guilty if I was not always writing something new and please, that is one habit I strongly recommend to get rid of. We all need to take breaks to recharge and that is why such a word as vacation exists. Because we need to let ourselves rest to come back even more amazing. Take breaks when you get to frustrated and it will make all the difference in the long run.

What are some of your favourite writing tips?

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Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo | Book Review

Hey Everyone,

It may have taken me a while to get around to reading this very much loved book but it finally happened and once again I am annoyed at myself for putting off reading a book for so long! Let’s check it out~

Six of Crows has grown a pretty huge fandom and with the making of a TV show happening, I finally decided to pick it up and see what it was all about. I really don’t know why it took me so long though since I love these types of fantasy books but now I have finally read it I can also say I’m a pretty huge fan now too and understand the love around it!

The plot for sure drew me into the world right away and I was absorbed into this crazy creation and sent on an adventure I never saw coming. I actually didn’t realise this was going to be such a multiple-perspective novel so it did take me by surprise as I kept reading my way through and I thought I wouldn’t enjoy reading in so many people heads like that but I oddly found myself to enjoy it more for being this way. It was really refreshing and fun to see one story intertwine in many different peoples lives and because of this book I have fast become a fan of more perspectives in books now.

The plot itself was really fun and anything with crazed and eccentric people always make a novel more fun to read. A lot was happening but you never lost track of it and found yourself immersed so much that I finished the thing pretty quick which I don’t usually do. I loved the storyline though and getting to know all the characters through it as they went along on this challenge was a really fun time.

I really enjoyed everything in this book pretty much. From the new style of reading to the awesome plot itself definitely one I recommend!

What is a book that took you a long time to read?

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All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven | Book Review

Hey Everyone,
Back with another book of the week and this one was quite popular a few years ago but took me a while to get around to, given my TBR list is longer than my body. However, I finally did and once again when I always late with books I soon regret it. Let’s check out my thoughts~
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How I Fast-Draft Novels | Three Things To Remember

Hey Everyone,
With it being Nanowrimo, I thought it would be perfect timing on sharing my fast-drafting novel advice. Fast drafting is something that took me a while to conquer. But once I grasped a few ways to help me write a novel faster, I’ve been doing it ever since and today I’m gonna share some tips to help you finish a novel too. Whether you are on a deadline or just finally want to finish that story, here are my tips on how to do it faster than ever before.
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